Cabins & Lighthouses

2D Motion Design
2D Motion Design

Collaboration with Romain Trystram

Playground: Aliaksandr Lesko, Daphne Betten

Category: Illustration, 2D Motion Design

Story – Message, Cabin in the Woods: Escape the urban world and clear your mind by exploring the beauty of raw wooded mountains. Snow or sunshine, nature always is able to surprise us with beautiful surroundings, joy and peace. This playground collaboration brought a lot of joy, peaceful moments and old-school stress to get it finished. The result is there: absolutely amazing illustrative work of Romain and smooth movements that bring those stories to life. Enjoy, book a cabin and join us in our travels to the woods!

Mood: Woods, forest, relax, nature, cabin, mountain, peaceful, off-the-grid, weather, sound of nature.

Story – Message, Lighthouses: Going back to the ancient cultures of the Greek, Tibetans and Indians, it’s all about the four classical elements: water, earth, fire and air. Although we can follow a wide range of directions, as soon as the humans join, mind and mood require coordination points. It’s a sweet play between nature, sea, transport, air, travel and island. Somewhat magical, maybe even romantic, or playful, but for sure it’s intriguing, those imaginative lighthouses.

Mood: Lighthouse, travel, island, sea, beach, worlds, light, transport, water, fire, air. 

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  • Romain Trystram
  • Marcel Sterk
  • Aliaksandr Lesko
  • Daphne Betten