BEWYRD is a Netherlands-based animation studio founded in 2017 by Marcel Sterk. The studio differentiates itself through its specific and contemporary illustrative style and (motion) design, arising from talent appreciation, a healthy dose of courage, and the mandatory Playground experiments. They’re still a youngster in the field, and the goal is to always stand out from the crowd by creating something worth creating.


The BEWYRD legitimacy is contrived through the differences between people. We embrace the diversity and inclusion of ideas, opinions, and all kinds of people. We are what we create, and we love what we are. BEWYRD is only as good as our open-minded conversations, thoughts, and legacy. BEWYRD is an equal opportunities employer and as a team, we value and help each other. Please look around and get in touch if you’d like to join!


Although our small team has a wealth of experience, we’re still hungry to travel to the unknown. Coming from traditional animation studios, the music and festival scene, and the tech world, the BEWYRD team always has an eye for futuristic or rather precisely historic quirks and blossoms, inside and outside the field. Imagination and try-outs are adored, both individually and through team-efforts.


We love our in-house team, but also admire our freelance team members. They’re not working for us on a project basis: we consider them part of the team. Having said that, we’re always looking for exceptional talent, also on a freelance basis. Please drop us a line with your portfolio at or scroll down!


You are the future. For yourself, for the creative world, for us. If you’re as eager and dedicated as we are, make sure to follow our socials and website. Twice a year we offer experience opportunities to play and learn, to create and try out, to fail and succeed, to be part of the BEWYRD-team. Check the module below for current openings and don’t forget to share your own creations!

(Creative) Freedom

We stimulate creative explosions, so make sure to utilize your creative freedom!

Mental Health

Super important. No team, no BEWYRD. Struggles are natural and very human. We're no shrink, but mental health and wellness are things we embrace, speak about and even use in our work.

(Self) Development

Without development, no (personal) growth can take place. We stimulate, coach, and facilitate where needed.

Bewyrd Playground

BEWYRD Playground is our sanctuary. We try, we discover, we fail, we succeed. Guided and unguided, the Playground develops both you and the team.

Failure is OK

Every time you fail, it means you tried. That's what we admire and support. Failure is a way of growing!

Pension contribution

We enjoy the adventures of today, but wherever possible we also try to take care of the future.


Quarterly mind-blowing or quirky team events, fun and healthy walks to enjoy each other's company – if you like.

Forbidden fruit

Healthy drinks and snacks, and a weekly trip to the Gruyter-brasserie for an awesome lunch.


Healthy body, healthy mind. We think sport is essential for your well-being. We support fitness, including a modest financial contribution.


Let's first use the yearly 25 days, and if you need more, we're happy to give you some extra days as long as you return fresh and inspired.


It’s great to have the team together for brainstorms and collaborative inspiration, but working from home or abroad always is a topic for discussion!


Don't forget to dream!

Open Positions

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